It's time we bid 2016 adieu and make an about-face to 2017. But it's crucial we don't get too ahead of ourselves.

Hotels are transforming into Winter Wonderlands for the holidays. Here are some of our favorites.

It has become the latest country to ban rate parity clauses in contracts, joining France and Germany.

The co-founder of Magnuson Hotels shares how one bright idea transformed a dying town.

One common thread throughout 2016 that is projected to continue to give the industry strength in the coming year is the group-booking sector.

Redeem Away! gives La Quinta Returns members the option to redeem their points for a variety of everyday purchases such as groceries and restaurant meals.

A new study shows that tailored promotions, coupons, priority service or loyalty points often convince guests to share personal details and location.

2016 should forever be known for the Cub's World Series victory, but the election of Donald Trump has stolen the spotlight.

In Europe, Airbnb announced that it would limit the number of nights hosts can rent out rooms in London and Amsterdam.