The new hire has more than 30 years of hotel and resort experience leading operations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The company's newest addition also will double as the operating GM for the upcoming Westin Sarasota Hotel.

CHMW’s 50-property asset-management portfolio now includes a total of 12 convention center headquarter hotels.

The property, which opened its doors in 1778, has been closed for two weeks. Nearly 2,000 employees have been out of work during that time.

When faced with an employee with a disability, an employer must make a good-faith effort to accommodate him or her.

One of the industry’s favorite new innovations is keyless check-in, but what security concerns does it bring along?

The three-story, 137-suite property underwent a $6.5-million overhaul, including new flooring and finishes in the lobby.

The removal of the guestrooms will have major effects on the property’s operations and is expected to lead to a number of job losses.

From new gadgets to a globalized outlook, here are the industry's biggest new tech trends.

After a successful launch in Canada in 2015, the program is being introduced in the U.S.