We spoke with the manager of operations support at the Kennebunkport Resort Collection about her expectations for the year ahead, and what it takes to run a…

Benidorm, Spain's seaside resort area, estimates that British guests cost Spanish hotels some €60 million.

The Stop Online Booking Scams Act, introduced last year during the 114th Congress, is on track to be reintroduced this spring.

A federal judge blocked President Trump's second travel ban hours before it was set to go into effect, and is quickly joined by another in Maryland.

These laws prevent employers from performing background checks until far into the hiring process, but what is their true effect on the hotel industry?

The Trump administration's new travel ban is similar to its first ban, with a few choice concessions. But as bookings decline amid discussions on…

Last year, with just one week to go before it went live, a Texas judge blocked an overtime rule operators have been preparing for. Now what?

A Texas enterprise, MG Capital LLC, has offered to buy the Plaza Hotel in New York City for more than $550 million.