Hoteliers are dogged by incremental costs, so here are some takeaways from Hotel ROI Midwest on holding onto your cash.

The group's plans include the relaunch of Hotel Russel as Principal London.

With a high gearing ratio, the hotel group could be halting trade to pay off debt.

Hoteliers always put the needs of their guests first, but when they go home at the end of the day they want to be secure in the knowledge that they are making…

The new employees are charged with managing the property’s launch this summer in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco.

A Gaw Capital-controlled fund is in talks to purchase the Standard for $340 million. 

The 98-room Sophy, to be managed by The Olympia Companies, will be located at the corner of 53rd Street and Dorchester Avenue in Chicago’s South Side.

PHVIF Tempe, an affiliate of Atlanta-based Peachtree Hotel Group, acquired the 136-room property.