POS integration opportunities have grown immensely, allowing developers to couple disparate systems and drive functionality through the sharing of data.

Two researchers investigated how men and women interact with the sharing economy. See their results here.

The truth is that mobile key is the safest room-access option on the market today, with multiple layers of security.

dormakaba matched the property’s design with door locks with custom powder-coated levers.

Mobile locks and keyless entry are approaching a critical mass of installations as demand and popularity climb.

The move allowed the hotel to roll out several new features, including mobile access compatibility with secure Seos technology and wireless online capabilities.

Hoteliers can process EMV payments to help prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card data in card-present environments while adding point-to-point encryption.

Malware was installed on servers that processed credit cards at restaurants and bars at 12 IHG-managed properties from approximately August to December 2016.