Asia-Pacific hotels record 12-percent growth in construction pipeline

The hotel industry in the Asia-Pacific region has a total construction pipeline of 1,673 projects with 349,081 guestrooms, excluding China's projects, according to the latest data from Lodging Econometrics. 

The total rose 12 percent by hotel projects and 17 percent by guestrooms since 2017. The region has 368 hotel projects with 72,819 guestrooms scheduled to start construction in the next 12 months, up 26 percent from last year. Meanwhile, there are 346 hotel projects with 68,109 guestrooms in the early planning stage—a 14-percent drop from projects YOY. 

Indonesia has the largest construction pipeline in Asia-Pacific with 394 hotel projects and 66,154 guestrooms. Japan has the second largest construction pipeline with 228 hotel projects and 46,356 guestrooms. India follows Indonesia's totals with 206 hotel projects and 33,501 guestrooms. Malaysia is behind India's totals in terms of hotel project number with 137 in the construction pipeline. However, the country has more guestrooms in the construction pipeline with 36,244 guestrooms in development. Thailand completes the list with 134 hotel projects and 31,964 guestrooms in the region’s pipeline. 

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta has the largest hotel construction pipeline in terms of cities with 101 hotel projects and 19,010 guestrooms. South Korea follows with 80 hotel projects and 15,738 guestrooms lined up. Tokyo, Japan has the third largest hotel construction pipeline in terms of cities with 73 projects and 16,885 guestrooms while Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has 58 hotel projects with 14,834 guestrooms in the construction pipeline. Bangkok, Thailand is ranked last with 52 hotel projects and 11,805 guestrooms in the construction pipeline for Asia-Pacific.