Art Deco cues: Mini Globe wall light from Original BTC

British lighting manufacturer Original BTC expanded its Globe collection.  Specifically expanding on the brand's Globe pendant range (Original BTC’s first in-house manufactured glass collection), the new Mini Globe wall light integrates the same Art Deco cues within its metal fixtures and features a compact (120mm) glass globe, hand-blown in Original BTC's Birmingham-based English antique glass factory. Using glass and bronze, the wall light measures 3.5” in height x 4.7” in width x 4.7” in diameter; and weighs 0.6kg. It is IP44-rated.

To make the light, a master glassblower gathers silica sand on a blowing iron. He then works it by hand into a molten ball, free blows the ball to half its desired size before blowing it into a carbon mold for the smooth, shiny surface finish afforded by Original BTC’s silica recipe. Molten glass is applied to the shade’s neck to strengthen and prevent cracks, then water is added to the neck to create a stress weakness spot. The shade is gently tapped to break it off the blowing iron, then left to cool before the neck is sanded. 

Photo credit: Original BTC