Catching the eye: Patera by Øivind Slaatto for Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen launched designer Øivind Slaatto’s Patera in a new silver foil material. In 2015, the Patera pendant was launched in white as a modern take on the classic chandelier. This time around, the silver Patera takes a step away from minimalism. Its reflective profile catches the eye whether or not the lamp is lit, becoming a focal point and a part of the room's ambiance.

The design’s glare-free, 360-degree illumination is the result of an intricate design. Patera consists of a variety of differently positioned cells that bathe surrounding spaces in natural, even light, while preventing stark and undesirable shadows.

Patera’s Fibonacci sequence-based structure provides a different impression from every vantage point. The silver Patera is assembled entirely by hand. Like its white counterpart, it is available in 17”, 23” and 35” diameters. It comes with an E27/E26 fitting, allowing the use of a variety of light sources, including LED. Patera is also available with an integrated LED solution.

Photo credit: Louis Poulsen