Contemporary aesthetic: Vertu luxury vinyl plank collection from Parterre Flooring Systems

Vinyl flooring and surface manufacturer Parterre Flooring Systems, introduced an addition of plank and tile designs to its Vertu luxury vinyl plank collection. Parterre’s newest design releases feature a neutral color palette as well as contemporary grays highlighting the less-defined graining of softer woods. This collection complements the bold accent colors often found in fabrics and furnishings, serving as a canvas for the overall design elements to play off of, creating an inviting space for commercial interiors. 

For a total of 37 designs in the collection, 12 new plank designs were added to this collection with sizes varying by design, available in either 6” x 36” x 3mm or a new size for Vertu, 7.25” x 48” x 3mm. Among the additions are Shutter Oak, a brown wood with a linear design, and a maple wood unique with varying color tones called Venise Maple. First-time wood species for Vertu includes Silver Bamboo, an abstract gray with metallic shading to it, and Canna Teak, a warm red/brown wood.

Also launching in Vertu, Keren is offered as a feature design and is a woven-like tile inspired by the intricate craft of basket weaving. Launching in three colors (Jute, Briar and Thread – all materials traditionally used to weave baskets), Keren is available in 18” x 18” x 3mm tiles. The gray and beige neutrals available can be paired with other LVT woods, particularly in the Vertu collection, for a blend of textures and patterns.

Utilizing hot press technology, Vertu has a sturdy construction with multiple layers of backing that are fused together to create a tighter bond for a more stable product all around. Like all of Parterre’s LVT products, the Vertu collection features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing.

Photo credit: Parterre Flooring Systems