Engineered stone surface: Titan Grey from Granite and Trend Transformations

Granite and Trend Transformations, a franchise system specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling using engineered stone surfaces, announced its latest addition to the granite collection. The Titan Grey is specially engineered with Bianco Montofano, a granite quarried in the North West of Italy.

The granite features a white base with top blends of white, grey and black crystals that are of fine to medium grain. The Titan Grey is designed to pair with nearly any backsplash or cabinet combination, making it ideal for surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.  It has a neutral grey shade.   

The product is resistant to scratching, staining, cracking and burning, as well as resistant to mold and mildew. It is nonabsorbent and nonporous and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Granite and Trend Transformations uses recycled materials in its products, making the surface an eco-friendly granite option. Established in 1996, Granite and Trend Transformations has franchise locations around the world.

Photo credit: RockSolid Granit North America/Granite & Trend Transformations

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