Ergonomic seating: Summa by Humanscale

Humanscale launched its first executive boardroom seating product, Summa. Unlike most chairs that have exposed levers for adjusting height, recline and tension, Summa’s height-adjustment lever is integrated into the seat. Like all Humanscale chairs, recline tension is automatically established by the sitter’s weight. For added support and comfort, the chair also has integrated armrests that move with the user as the chair reclines.

Summa is one of the brand’s first entries into the C-Suite landscape and the result of a design collaboration with Gensler, an architecture firm.

Summa can be specified with casters or glides for added flexibility. The chair’s back is available in three different materials with a variety of colorways including several rich wood finishes. For a more contemporary look, the back can be specified in a black or white polymer that mimics lacquer. Upholstery options are also available, along with matching box-stitching. Summa’s cylinder base utilizes environmentally neutral Chrome 3 and not Red-Listed Chrome 6, which can pose health risks during the manufacturing process.

Photo credit: Humanscale