Statement pieces: Corbett Lighting's 2017 collections

Corbett Lighting added 17 new lighting fixtures into its portfolio of chandeliers, pendants, sconces and flush mounts.

Corbett Lighting has added 17 new lighting fixtures into its portfolio of chandeliers, pendants, sconces and flush mounts. These fixtures are said to reinterpret influential design periods, such as postmodernism, and explore the use of refined materials like handblown and Venetian glass and silver and gold leaf finishes.

One of the products in Corbett Lighting’s newest collections is Theory, which pays homage to mid-century Italian design with its layered, multidimensional shape. A series of horizontal spokes supports alternating clear glass and hand-finished gold leaf iron rods, creating a dynamic pattern with unique depth of field. Calibrated LED lighting illuminates, casting light upwards and downwards. Theory is offered in three pendant sizes, two semi-flush fixtures and two coordinating sconce options.

Arpeggio is said to be reminiscent of a piped wind instrument floating in midair. Crafted of handworked iron and stainless steel, each pipe is finished in antique silver leaf. Ideal for low ceilings, Arpeggio is equipped with 4 watt LEDs, providing a high 360 lumen output. The Arpeggio series is available in twelve-, ten- or six-light pendants and a coordinating one-light sconce.

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Sauterne is reminiscent of a barrel from the French white wine region. Its handmade Venetian glass “staves” have classic lines surrounding its candelabra light source. Each piece of glass is extruded by hand and mixed with gold flecks. A handcrafted iron hoop finished in gold leaf with polished stainless rivet accents cohesively connects each piece of glass to the stainless steel frame. Sauterne is available as a six- and four-light pendant, a four-light semi-flush, a six-light dining pendant or in one of two coordinating two-light ADA sconces.

Meanwhile, Mont Blanc has cascading, icicle-like curls of handmade Venetian glass. Clustered together by small, handcrafted iron arcs, no two individually textured glass rods look the same, contributing to the organic, icy feel of the piece. Horizontally patterned silver leaf trim adds a sense of motion when viewing the pendant, giving a different perspective to the viewer from any angle. The collection is offered as a thirteen-, nine- or seven-light pendant, a two- or three-light sconce and a five-light semi-flush.

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