Unique appearance: Attire collection by Nemo Tile + Stone

Attire is a ceramic triangular wall tile that is the latest collection from Nemo Tile + Stone. Suited for residential, hospitality and commercial environments, Attire varies from the traditional rectangular-shaped tiles.

Attire’s appearance and texture, available in both flat and 3D surfaces, allows for free design and creativity. The collection is available in five monochromatic colorways: white, black, caramel, storm, and charcoal in gloss finishes; and matte finishes for the white flat, white 3D, black flat and black 3D colors. Each solid hue has a format of 5 ⅞” sides, 5” heights, and a ½” x 6” trim piece, allowing for numerous customization, individuality in appearance, and the combination of both the flat and 3D tiles to create personalized designs with texture.

Photo credit: Nemo Tile + Stone

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