Lead8, Goettsch Partners design mixed-use complex in China

The construction of Changchun CR Center, a mixed-use complex with a 300-meter-tall tower has started in Changchun, the capital city of China's northeastern Jilin Province.

Designed by Lead8 with architecture firm Goettsch Partners (GP), the project represents the third collaboration of the two design firms with developer/owner China Resources Land Limited. In Changchun, Lead8 is designing the retail and entertainment center, and GP is designing the main tower.

Plans for the development of the eight-acre (34,000-square-meter) parcel in Changchun comprise multiple towers, including office space, residential units and apartments. In addition, new "signature spaces," including a 66th-floor observation deck at the tower's crown, are designed to draw visitors to the site overlooking the adjacent Mudan Yuan park and lake.

According to Goettsch Partners design partner Paul De Santis, LEED AP, the design team is seeking to create a property that blends with the surrounding environment.

The Changchun CR Center will be anchored by a 1.8 million-square-foot (170,000-square-meter) retail and entertainment complex. CR Land will occupy the 63-story, 1.5 million-square-foot (140,000-square-meter) office tower with its own regional headquarters, with direct connection to the subway.

For the MixC RDE Center at the tower's base, Lead8 is introducing a new concept "MixC+1" for CR Land's MixC brand. Inspired by Changchun's culture and influenced by the area’s climate, the space will have an integrated retail street where visitors will enjoy luxury brand stores, pop-up exhibitions and fine-dining functions. The glass facade featuring the "Eye of Changchun" will establish a visual connection with the street, enhancing the MixC RDE Center's impact on Changchun's urban life.

The complex and tower for Changchun CR Center is slated to open in 2021.

Photo credit: Lead8 International Limited