DKN Hotels appoints new CEO

DKN Hotels appoints Ana Almada as the company’s chief executive officer. DKN Hotels has entered a new phase in its evolution and will now become two separate companies—DKN Hotels and DKN Ventures. Almada, previously the VP of operations, will lead DKN Hotels, which will incorporate all aspects of hotel management and operations for the portfolio, while DKN Ventures will be led by CEO Kiran Dahya and charged with acquiring, divesting and developing hotels. 

Almada has a successful 25-year career with DKN Hotels that began with an internship at the Comfort Inn Sea World—a DKN Hotel at the time—that has taken her from a front desk agent to CEO of the company. Throughout her time, Almada has played an integral role in establishing systems, programs and processes that have helped make DKN Hotels a company where passion, innovation and people have become a foundation while making impactful changes to the hospitality industry. 

“Over the years, Ana has led efforts to create a team that would bring the DKN vision to life,” DKN Hotels founder and former CEO Dahya said in a statement. “She has successfully established a culture at DKN that optimizes all assets and at the same time delivers exceptional results to guests, team members, business partners, and owners. Ana is the perfect person to take the reins at DKN Hotels and further expand our owned and third-party managed portfolio.”