My Place begins human trafficking training week

My Place Hotels of America, working in partnership with Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking, began its designated human trafficking training week on Jan. 6. First introduced alongside the brand’s push to provide all its team members with human trafficking training this past June, “My Place is No Place for Human Trafficking Week” is aimed at retraining employees across the company’s portfolio on human trafficking prevention.

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Since last June, My Place has maintained a 100 percent completion rate of BEST’s “Inhospitable to Human Trafficking” training across its network of general managers and headquarters team members. As part of this training week, the brand is encouraging all hotel staff to complete BEST’s training.

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“Since announcing our brandwide initiative to take a stand against the threat of human trafficking back in June, our hotel operators and staff remain committed to promoting awareness on the important topic, which involves recognizing the signs of human trafficking and knowing how to properly report any related situations,” My Place Hotels EVP/General Counsel Matthew Campbell said in a statement.

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My Place Hotels has 53 hotels open across 24 states with more than 120 properties in its pipeline.