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Móz Designs added a unique take to its range of custom metal fabrications that takes a digital image and integrates it onto a surface.

Digital Imagery by Móz Designs

The new process uses high-res imagery supplied by customers that Móz Designs then applies to metal to create a custom multi-layered piece of wall art.
The new colors are an extension of Móz’s Classic color collection.

Elements palette by Móz

This curated collection of nature-inspired colors showcases finishes and grains selected by the Móz design team.
Blendz Patina

Dynamic fusion of color: Patina by Móz Designs

Patina is the newest offering in Móz Designs’ Blendz collection of architectural wall coverings. Patina integrates the depth of color and variegated tones of copper, but in a lightweight Móz metal. Patina has an organic, natural finish.