HBA uses indigenous motifs for China's new Ahn Luh Qiandao Lake

California-based hospitality design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates has completed the Ahn Luh resort on the secluded Qiandao Lake, or Thousand Island Lake, a man-made lake located in China's Zhejiang province.

According to HBA Partner Connie Puar, the property has bespoke furniture to harmonize with the land. Design-wise, Ahn Luh focuses on China’s history, traditions, heritage and culture, creating a sense of place with indigenous motifs.

The palette used throughout the resort was inspired by the colors of nature, selected to ensure a merging of exterior and interior spaces. Surrounded by the water of the lake and its gardens, guests are greeted with bamboo trees that line the pavements to their villas. The lobby has an central outdoor fireplace sitting in the middle of a pool, as well as latticed windows, bespoke dark wood furniture and artwork with influences of Jiangnan architecture.

The Chinese Medicine Room is located next to the lobby lounge. The palette was drawn from ancient Chinese medicine rooms, with grey tones taking center stage for upholstery, and red throw pillows to symbolize energy and vitality. There are local dark grey stones on the floor and a Chinese herbal apothecary chest made of dark wood. The space is surrounded by greenery with a view of the lake.

The villas were inspired by China’s culture and craftsmanship. All villas have gardens and a courtyard with a balcony that faces the views of Qiandao Lake. The color palette used here includes grey, Ming blue and turquoise. Grey local stone and dark wood carry throughout the property. The villas similarly have technological amenities, walk-in wardrobes, ensuite laundry and marble bathrooms with soaking tubs and glass-enclosed rainforest showers.

There is an all-day dining space situated next to a Chinese courtyard. It has bamboo-inspired interiors. The walls and columns are lined with grey Chinese bricks, handmade from local kiln, while local, dark grey stone in a natural finish makes up the floors. There are also red niches with white art installations resembling school of fish.

Amenities at Ahn Luh include the Ahn Luh Spa, Tai-Chi room, traditional Chinese medicine and a pool.