Data Travel announces Hapi Guest Focus on Salesforce AppExchange

Data Travel launched Hapi Guest Focus on Salesforce AppExchange, letting hotel companies to craft personalized guest check-in experiences and drive upsell opportunities at the front desk.

Hapi Guest Focus empowers front desk team members to leverage the guest data in Salesforce. By transforming this data into actionable insights, hotels can now curate exceptional guest interactions starting at time of arrival. Through the app, front desk agents can curate the check-in process, view guest preferences, and even facilitate restaurant reservations and spa appointments, creating a seamless and personalized arrival experience.

Hotel operators have long struggled to provide a truly personalized guest check-in experience due to the lack of readily available guest preferences and profile information. Now, through Hapi Guest Focus, front desk employees have that critical information in their immediate purview without having to switch back and forth from one system to the next. 

"Hapi Guest Focus surfaces the 360-degree view of guests for the agent, creating actionable insights when it matters,” Data Travel CEO Luis Segredo said in a statement. "We are excited as this is only the next step, and more will follow to assist agents."