Davidson Hospitality launches in-house creative agency

Davidson Hospitality Group has launched DH Creative, an in-house creative agency that specializes in brand development services and creative direction for its hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, spas and membership clubs. The agency's services will range from concepting brands to managing large-scale photo and video shoots to aligning with partners to oversee development of websites.

Since Davidson team members are at the helm of all projects, individuals are subsequently able to stay tethered to brands long term and ensure proper fortification and execution after the actual brand development work is complete.

The company can provide:

  • Brand development: Discovery and immersion; strategy and positioning; naming; brand Identity; brand behaviors and pull-throughs; collateral suite; brand book and style guide.
  • Project management: Comprehensive oversight and collaboration with key stakeholders from inception to completion.
  • Photography and videography: Identifying photographer and videographer that aligns with unique needs and brand identify; complete management of shoots including pre- and post-production.
  • Website development: Collaboration from contract to launch to ensure production of an on-brand website that effectively converts browsers into guests.

“Through our years of experience and overseeing the development of more than 100 brands, we identified an opportunity to provide a service to owners seeking professional, yet economically priced, brand development support,” Davidson Hospitality Group COO Pete Sams said in a statement. “We are proud to offer all of the same services that an outside agency does, including brand research, brand development and the development of operational touchpoints to help our hotels personify the brand. Ultimately, we’ve crystallized these services with the objective of delivering upon our promise of creating value for our ownership partners.”

Working interdepartmentally, DH Creative can leverage collaboration to achieve a unified brand vision. For projects that encompass ground-up new builds or re-concepts/designs, the DH Creative team works closely with the design and construction team and Davidson Restaurant Group, leveraging respective expertise and insights to ensure a seamless and cohesive brand experience. 

The Davidson corporate marketing team has grown its ancillary program SocialLite, a boutique in-house social media agency featuring full-service expertise without the cost of a standard third-party agency.