Investors remain interested in the U.S. hotel sector. Here are five things to keep top of mind.

MGM Resorts filed pre-emptive federal complaints against victims of the October 2017 shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, but it's not suing…

Hotel workers cited concerns about rising healthcare costs, reduced staff numbers and overworking as reasons for a strike.

Successfully filing an insurance claim is difficult by design, so don't make it more difficult by missing important details.

As Brexit looms, pressure from business rates may be the tipping point for some independent UK properties.

The city council of Barcelona capped the number of licensed properties that are listed on sharing platforms.

The hotel and lodging industry has long been a target of Americans with Disabilities Act litigation, and "surf-by" lawsuits targeting hotel websites…

Following a unanimous City Council vote, Airbnb hosts in New York City will be required to share their names and addresses.