Marriott and Airbnb are now trading blows over comments from Marriott boss Arne Sorenson. Meanwhile, a wave of anti-home-sharing advertisements hits the web.

HNA Group has fired HNA Tourism's Xin Di as part of a restructuring initiative of all subsidiaries.

Albania's new tourism law outlines numerous tax breaks for four-and five-star hotels.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin al-Thani, the new owner of the Plaza Hotel's mortgage, could use it to fund a potential bid for the New York property.

Queenstown Council is scheduled to discuss proposed regulations on home rentals.

Sometimes a need to slash employee numbers isn't enough to justify downsizing in the eyes of the law.

It's never too early to file an insurance claim in the wake of a disaster—but it is possible to be too late.

Rising costs around property, tax, people and raw materials have increased pressure on profit margins this year.

The upcoming decision of the court carries the potential to alter how employers draft and enforce employment agreements.