The American home-sharing platform is looking to acquire a stake in India's fast-growing hotel-management startup.

Britain's departure from the European Union has lowered the nation's appeal among travelers, which could make hotels across the U.K. less profitable.

Thanks to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, holding onto guest data could open your hotel up to international liability.

Months after a controversial decision to remove certain Israeli rooms from its platform, Airbnb is facing new restrictions in Tel Aviv.

Workplace retaliation claims have nearly tripled in frequency over the past decade and are one of the most difficult claims to defend against.

With more than 1,000 new accommodations available in Ireland on Airbnb's platform alone, the government is placing limits on how long spaces can be rented.

Hotel owners and managers alike need to be familiar with the rules and regulations that might affect them and their businesses.

Initiative 124 was determined by the court to have violated Seattle's "single subject" requirement, which restricts the passage of multiple…