Nonprofit offers help to hotels looking to liquidate FF&E

The nonprofit Champions For Better Business is looking to simplify the process of liquidating or removing FF&E. Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus / AndreyPopov (Moving Mattress)

Champions For Better Business (or CH4BB), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, has launched a program to help midscale to luxury hotels with the logistics and costs of liquidating or removing furniture, fixtures and equipment as part of an upgrade, renovation or conversion to apartments or condominiums. 

Conversions are of special importance as real estate companies are purchasing hotel buildings in order to transform the buildings into apartments or condominiums. CH4BB’s program partners manage a project’s logistics. For upscale and luxury hotels, the organization has partnered with DoneRight Contracting.

CH4BB is also working with furniture manufacturers and distributors, like CPNA, a procurement service provider for Choice- and Wyndham-branded hotels. CH4BB is working with CPNA to identify hotels within these brands that are interested in upgrading their rooms’ furniture. In such cases, CH4BB offers tax-deductible furniture receipts as well as its program partners’ logistics expertise in extracting the old furniture and installing the new furniture.

As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, CH4BB offers tax-deductible receipts for old FF&E given as donations to CH4BB. The nonprofit can donate a portion of the FF&E to other nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

The program is available nationwide as well as to corporate offices and restaurants.