New prototypes for Park Inn and Radisson Red guestrooms were on display at the Radisson Hotel Group Americas Business Conference.

At IMN’s New Hotel Development conference, held Feb. 25-26 at the Marriott New York Downtown, the erosion of the hospitality industry’s cautious optimism…

Inspired by the surrounding sea, sand and foliage, the 139 refurbished rooms and suites have a modern aesthetic in a residential setting.

The rechargeable Wharf has a sculptural open frame that creates the illusion of dancing light.

Wave Bar has undulating waves of translucent acrylic profiles flowing in complex alternating layers.

The custom offering is hand sewn and features 24 tufts, five layers and organic cotton.

The Olah lamp can be placed on a pedestal to create a sculptural piece of art.

If company president Lawrence Chalfin has learned anything over the years, it’s that in order to stay on top, one must evolve.