Wyndham's Women Own the Room program adds franchisee members

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has added two new women hoteliers as part of the brand’s Women Own the Room initiative, on the heels of last month’s first two signed agreements.

Designed to advance and empower women entrepreneurs to break through the predominantly male-dominated hotel industry, the “Women Own the Room” program provides assistance with financial solutions, personalized operational support, and networking and educational opportunities. These new program members will be opening new hotels in Dover, Del. and Warrenton, Va.

“Women want to own and develop hotels—the momentum we’re seeing proves it—they’ve just lacked trusted partners and advocates who will help guide them in their pursuits,” said Lisa Checchio, chief marketing officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. “The mentorship opportunities and resources Women Own the Room provides are invaluable and will better inspire and prepare future generations of women hoteliers.”

Wyndham celebrated its first Women Own the Room signed agreements with new owner Trusha Patel in January for the debut of two new La Quinta and Hawthorn Suites dual-branded hotels in Texas. The two new women entrepreneurs announced as members are:

  • Hetal Christian just opened a Wyndham Garden hotel in Dover, Del. Christian looks forward to the expanded development and operational support the program provides as she expands her portfolio into the profitable upper midscale segment.
  • Neha Jadhav will open a La Quinta and Hawthorn Suites dual-branded hotel in Warrenton, Va. This new hotel will be her first new construction project.

While women make up 70 percent of the tourism and hospitality industry workforce, only 10 percent of development roles are held by them. Women Own the Room is dedicated to amending the lack of female representation in hotel ownership, real estate and investment funding roles. 

In addition to extensive mentorship and networking opportunities, the program offers a development incentive program that provides meaningful Wyndham financing, discounts on initial fees and complimentary first-year operating services to support the success of hotels developed by women.

“There are so many paths available to take in hospitality," Jadhav said. "A new construction project provides me with new challenges, but also new roadblocks that Women Own the Room is helping me break through. Wyndham has helped me navigate this new territory, provided me with the necessary tools for future success, and given me the opportunity to share my experiences with other women hoteliers. I’m proud to help pave the way for others and look forward to supporting more women pursue their dream of hotel ownership.”