Kinetic light fixtures from Furl

Furl has launched moving kinetic light fixtures. The "Rive series" comprises the Apex, Drift, Rise and Spire models.

The Apex wall sconce visually creates movement due its geometric nature. When turned on, the two outer halves move outward to create a unique shape with the contrast of white light highlighting the outer shape of the design. A user-selectable splash of color adds another element of visual appeal by highlighting its center shape. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is available in three finishes.

Meanwhile, the Rise wall sconce is said to be an abstract representation of the sun rising and setting. When turned on, two arches move outward to reveal a user-selectable splash of color, accenting the shape of the centerpiece and creating a glowing edge effect. In addition, white ambient light spills out of the back highlighting the shape of the design while utilizing the wall it is on to bounce light out into its environment. Also available in three finishes, it is can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Photo credit: Furl