Decorative objects: Objets d'art for guestrooms from Paradigm Trends

New York City-based Paradigm Trends, a brand offering bath, bar, furniture and guestroom accessories, expanded its product offerings to include a collection of objets d’art.

Paper Clip–which has an oblong shape with straight sides–may be used as a unique holder for guestroom collateral to nestle between its loops. An ideal choice for guestroom desks, the piece is made from gold-finished aluminum and white marble with a 3” diameter and 9 ¾” height.

The Peace accessory is a hand sculpture forming a peace sign. Made from gold-finished aluminum and white marble, it adds a splash of metallic color to any space.

Skippy by Paradigm Trends is composed from aluminum and marble. It sits at 5” (L) x 4” (W) x 6 ½” (H).

Meanwhile, Tic Tac Toe is an interpretation of the classic game that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The collection consists of six Xs and Os pieces, which can move around the game board, made of grey marble. The piece is 9” (SQ) x ¾” (H).

Photo credit: Paradigm Trends

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