Enticing look: Just Add Water glass tile borders from Lunada Bay Tile

Lunada Bay Tile launched the new JAW (Just Add Water) collection of glass tile borders, ideal for pools, showers, spas, water features and other similar areas.

The new line takes 10 colors from Lunada Bay Tile’s Agate and Luce collections, and then expanding their use to border application. The tiles combine ocean-inspired shapes and pearlescent colors.

JAW (Just Add Water) tiles come in two shapes: Feather Border, whose form emulates a wing or a wave, depending on the viewing angle; and Zing 1 x 3 Border, with the gentle curve of a rolling wave. The glass tile borders are paper-face-mounted and are specifically designed for use straight out of the box. To increase border height, full sheets of corresponding field material are also available.

Photo credit: Lunada Bay Tile

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