Flexible Flooring: Elegante Veneers from Havwoods

Wood floor specialists Havwoods has introduced its new collection, Elegante Veneers. First introduced at Clerkenwell Design Week, the three-dimensional Elegante Veneers are made from reconstituted Italian Alpi veneer from Ayous trees. A tropical tree native to West and Central Africa, the Ayous tree is fast-growing and sustainably produced, offering a grain-neutral timber that can be colored and processed to replicate any timber species.

The low-density structure means the veneer sheets are extremely lightweight compared to an alternate wood equivalent. As the products are sold in sheets, the result is a unique but color-consistent flexible surface solution that can be installed on walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry and subtle curved surfaces.

Across the collection, customers can choose from 12 colors, 15 shapes and three constructions, with the option for custom milling as well. To color the veneer and create the 12 color options, thin layers of Ayous are bleached, stained and layered to replicate any grain or timber structure required, resulting in a realistic-looking wood without using endangered or rare species. Once colored, the layers of veneer are moulded and then CNC-machined to the requested profile shape.

The three-dimensional veneers are available in a range of different surface styles including Fresato (milled), Costato (ribbed) and Ondato (waved). Each surface can be personalized to suit every preference, with different levels of flexibility and adaptability to suit the surface in question.