Garden benches: Quad and Puzzle Cube from Stone Forest

Stone Forest has launched two new garden benches: the angular Quad and the adaptable Puzzle Cube.

For Quad, Stone Forest played with various geometric forms and settled on the parallelogram for its simple shape. All four sides are aligned so that one end of the seat subtly extends into a small space above the ground, lending a gravity-defying feel to what’s actually a 1900-pound object. The Quad doubles as an aesthetic barrier and is available in Gregio Sandstone or Antique Grey Limestone. 

Meanwhile, Puzzle Cube was inspired by board games and puzzles. A modular set of alternating concave and convex cubes carved from solid blocks of Antique Grey Limestone, it is sold in sets of three. The bench can be personalized by adding or eliminating cubes.

Photo credit: Stone Forest