Hand-cast glass tiles: Sonaré from Lunada Bay Tile

Lunada Bay Tile introduced Sonaré, a hand-cast glass tile collection that captures the look of rising incense, encapsulating wisps of whimsical color within glass. Sonaré comes in two 3-inch by 9-inch formats. Tone has a lightly textured surface that evokes layers of water freezing on a lake. Meanwhile, Sonic layers dimensionality and textural relief reminiscent of sound waves or record grooves. The larger 3x9 formats offer an ideal complement to many other Lunada Bay Tile collections, allowing for mixing and matching of materials to create surfaces in a mixed-media effect.

Sonaré comes in pearl or silk finishes in 10 colors: Shooting Star, Aura, Seafoam, Spring Water, Midnight Swim, Moonshadow, Foliage, Herb Garden, Champagne, and Celestial. The tile is suitable for interior walls, backsplashes, and shower walls.

Photo credit: Lunada Bay Tile