Hand-decorated porcelain basin: Blue Layla from London Basin Company

London Basin Company has launched a new line of hand-decorated porcelain basins. Designed by the founder of the company, interior designer Anna Callis, the basins drew inspiration from Callis’s travels, creating her own interpretations of traditional patterns.

Blue Layla is a new version of one of London Basin Company’s popular designs, though the original lime green background is now available in a bright, cobalt blue. Inspired by traditional chinoiserie, Blue Layla has ornate hand-painted florals intertwined with butterflies. The white rim gives it an elegant finish.

Individually made, each basin from London Basin Company is hand-finished and generously sized, with dimensions in the collection running between 39.7 and 45cm in diameter and 14 to 16.2cm in height. Blue Layla is 42cm in diameter x 15cm high.

Photo credit: London Basin Company