Historic beauty reintroduced: VL Ring Crown from Louis Poulsen

In the 1940s, when the Danish architect and designer Vilhelm Lauritzen felt a lamp was needed that was neither a spherical pendant nor a PH lamp, he laid the groundwork for the VL Ring Crown, a new lamp with a glass shade that was not only neat and glare-free, but also practical.

Louis Poulsen is now bringing back the VL Ring Crown design classic. The lamp is made of untreated, polished brass and comes with three, five or seven shades in glossy white, triple-layered, mouth-blown opal glass.

The VL Ring Crown derives from a lamp design made for the old Danish Broadcasting House in Copenhagen in the 1940s. The lamp will be available from September in wall lamp and pendant versions, also in white opal glass and brass.

Photo credit: Louis Poulsen

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