Host of applications: Pista from Modular Lighting Instruments

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments launched Pista in the North American market. The 48V magnetic track rail system offers a myriad of configurations including a Linear LED, Night Light LED, as well as the addition of five other Modular Lighting Instruments spotlight and suspended fixtures. Pista can be surface-mounted, suspended or recessed, and comes in the following lengths: 39.4 inches (1000 mm), 78.7 inches (2000mm), and 118.1 inches (3000mm). The track comes in black or white finishes.

Pista, the Italian word for “racetrack,” embodies its name through slim and streamlined design. Though Pista’s tracks aren’t as curvy, they have the same potential for endless configurations. The system can create linear LED tracks in lengths of 19.7 inches (500mm), 39.4 inches (1000mm), and 59.1 inches (1,500mm). Thanks to a 180-degree connection, these can be extended even further. A 90-degree connection allows for more geometric installations, such as ceiling-to-wall continuous recessed, or a suspended right-angled fixture. A flexible connection also allows users to connect two tracks with a flexible cable to create corner configurations that are larger or smaller than 90 degrees or suspensions of tracks at different levels.

The adjustable, one-inch-thick (26.2mm) track rail can be outfitted with a Linear LED for general lighting, and with Médard 1.7, Marbulito, Marbulito suspended, Smart 1.9, or Smart 1.9 suspended for accent lighting. The track system can also be installed with a combination of these luminaires on a single rail. Pista can be further enhanced by a twin bracket that enables the installation of two parallel tracks, which allows users to experiment with layering lighting schemes through symmetrical or asymmetrical installations. 

With Pista, the company introduced a new technology into the market: the Night Light LED module. This module makes Pista a light fixture in disguise: when the light is on, the black diffuser creates a soft ambient light; when off, the fixture functions as an elegant black, linear accent on the ceiling or the wall. Field-cuttable covers further streamline the design by hiding the inner-workings of the track, resulting in a thin, clean profile.

Photo credit: Modular Lighting Instruments