Industrial applications: Wire mesh patterns from Banker Wire

Banker Wire, manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications, introduced two new wire mesh patterns with distinctly different shapes: S-55 and SZ-14.

For 2020, Banker Wire offers wire mesh patterns in shapes such as ovals and squares to add more dimension to any space. These patterns are also available in the company’s secondary finishes, such as decorative PVD (i.e. rose gold, royal gold and champagne) and decorative plating (i.e. black copper, dark oxide and antique brass).

Uniquely flattened crimps on the S-55 wire mesh pattern gives this fine scale mesh individual oval shaped facets that appeal to the senses. Available in a number of raw materials, the S-55 can be designed with as is or, it can be further enhanced with a number of secondary finishes to bring out color and texture. Finishes include antique brass, stainless steel and bronze. 

The SZ-14 woven wire mesh pattern mixes contrasting flat and round wires to create an uncommon, yet refined, composition and square-like shapes. Ribbons of flat wires weave between round wires, presenting a visual harmony that can be utilized in a variety of applications and aesthetics.

Photo credit: Banker Wire