Integrated bidet toilet: Muse iWash from Icera

Icera has introduced the Muse iWash integrated bidet toilet.

The Muse iWash system conserves floor space with its smart two-in-one design. A minimalist silhouette and skirted trapway conceal next-gen technology. A bowl-cleansing pre-mist is activated whenever the seat is occupied, and an automated flush allows a sanitary touch-free experience. A deodorizer and in-bowl LED nightlight are extra touches.

The Muse iWash also has customizes features, including a heated seat, warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings to the rear, front and oscillating sprayers with variable positioning. The iWash system can be configured to suit individual preferences. It has two user presets to save preferred settings to ensure a repeat experience every time. A backlit remote is included and comes with a magnetic wall mount for easy use.

As with all Icera toilets, the Muse iWash is eco-friendly with a flush that requires just 1.28 gallon per flush. Crafted of vitreous china, the design includes an open rim flush. It’s simple to install and comes with a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle. Its glossy white porcelain bowl is enhanced with MicroGlaze, an antimicrobial porcelain finish for easy cleaning and long-lasting good looks.

Photo credit: Icera