Lifestyle design: Wallpapers from Lisa Batson Goldberg

Lisa Batson Goldberg debuted a series of wallpapers featuring hand drawn peonies. The collections include the Peony Shimmer Collection, Peony Classic Collection, Peony Magic Collection and Peony Stripe Collection.

The wallpapers have hand-sketched and digitally colored peony blooms arranged across planes. Each flower across the collection was colored and shaded individually so that every flower is entirely unique, negating the common repeat effect of patterned wallpaper.

The Peony Shimmer Collection is made with a luminescent mica finish. The collection’s designs are offered in several colorways, including a turquoise-based blue, Magical Awakening; a soft yet bold neutral via Beauty Becoming; an array of pink tones via Everyday Miracles; fuschia-based floral mix via Infinite Possibilities; and blush via Infinite Heart.

The Peony Classic Collection takes a more traditional approach to oversized florals with monochromatic color schemes and a matte finish. Colorways include a set of gray tones via Splendid Opulence; beige via Beauty Becoming; blush via Infinite Heart; gray via Inspiration Whispers; and pink via Divine Magnificence.

The Peony Magic Collection has a pearl finish and vivid jewel tones. Colorways include a turquoise-based blue via Magical Awakening; pink tones via Everyday Miracles; fuschia-based floral mix via Infinite Possibilities; floral mix via Lush Dreams; and slate-blue based palette via Enraptured Heart.

Meanwhile, the Peony Stripe Collection merges floral and stripe patterns together. Available colorway combinations include a gray-based neutral via Sweet Sweet Life; a blue-black tone via Colorful Soul; a blush meets white via Whimsical World; a black meets fuschia via Destiny Manifest; and a deep pink meets blush via Sacred Love.

All wallpaper collections are manufactured in the U.K. and made available in rolls.

Photo credit: Lisa Batson Goldberg