Linear lighting: Purolinear 360 from Sonneman

Sonneman–A Way of Light has launched a new LED lighting system. Purolinear 360 is a set of linear tubes within surface-mounted cylinder brackets that rotate individually to direct the LED illumination 360 degrees along their axis. 

The tubes can be arranged in a linear pattern or along a single path, allowing for a range of design possibilities.

The rotatable luminaires provide direct or indirect illumination and can be designed to a dramatic sculptural light-scape. In a bathroom, the rotatable light tubes can be arranged to surround a mirror on all four sides. The rotatable light also can run along a narrow hallway or around the perimeter of a large ceiling.  

The system can transition between wall and ceiling mounts using corner connectors, providing an unbroken path of directable linear illumination throughout a space. Light can be directed in 360 degrees of rotation around its axis.

Photo credit: Sonneman