Luxurious offering: New vinyl upholstery collection from Vescom

Vescom launched a new collection of vinyl upholstery in North America. The collection has three patterns—Arrow, Creek and Leone Plus—that are available in 26 colors (including beiges, greens and various grey and earthy hues) and are also available in matte and gloss.

Vescom vinyl upholstery is composed of a vinyl top layer with a cotton backing. Its weight of 800 g/m2 guarantees a very robust product with a long service life. The products are fire-retardant, wear-resistant (Martindale > 125,000 rubs), rubfast (5), lightfast (7-8) and IMO certified. Moreover, they are highly resistant to urine, blood and perspiration stains.  Vescom vinyl upholstery is hygienic and has built-in resistance to bacteria. Vescom vinyl upholstery is also dirt and grease resistant and meets hygiene safety regulations.

Photo credit: Vescom

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