Luxury lighting: Ludo ceiling fixture from Blueprint Lighting

Luxury lighting manufacturer Blueprint Lighting launched the Ludo ceiling fixture. Handcrafted and made-to-order, the fixture commands attention with a fluid architectural silhouette drawn from a palette of enamel and metal finishes. With a classically modernist silhouette, the fixture has 10 enamel-coated cones that are hung together across a starburst shape.

The fixture is a part of the larger family of Ludo products from Blueprint Lighting, which play to a modernist aesthetic. Connected by arms that are built upon a natural brass frame, swiveling heads allow for altering of the dimensions and positioning of the cones, making for illumination across a wide spectrum of space. The piece as a whole, in a shape reminiscent of a ten-pointed star, evokes playfulness, reminiscent of mid-century modern design. Each of the 10 arms culminate in cones of an atypical hourglass shape, adorned with metallic bands around the center, which emphasize the alternating widths of the pieces. These thick ring-like bands, constructed from the same brass as the arms and base of the fixture, heighten the luxurious aspects of the fixture.

Photo credit: Blueprint Lighting

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