Modern spotlight: Semih from Modular Lighting Instruments

The new Semih LED fixture from Belgian manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments owes its shape to the Taoist Yin and Yang symbol.

At first glance, the fixture is a simple cylinder, but an equally dividing S-shaped cutout at is vertical center allows the fixture’s LED head a 75-degree tilt in both directions, which transforms this seemingly simple spotlight into a versatile luminaire. An added 180-degree rotation at its top makes Semih a flexible fixture.

Equipped with energy-efficient LED light source, Semih is an ideal complement to high ceilings and can be installed easily thanks to the magnets that keep the fixture firmly in place. It is available in 2700K, 3000K and 3500K at a 90+ CRI; and has spotlight (15-degree), medium (25-degree) and flood (40-degree) beam spread options. It is also available in white or black grained finishes.

Photo credit: Modular Lighting Instruments