Portable sofa: Elephant in a Box from Furniture Tech Lab

The Elephant in a Box sofa from Furniture Tech Lab collapses into one box that can be shipped via UPS or transported by car.

Using honeycomb technology found in the aviation and aerospace industries, Elephant in a Box is unlike any other sofa in the market. The honeycomb structure used in the sofa’s base and back support is expandable and recovers its shape quickly after pressure is applied. This allows the sofa to support a load 400 times its weight, up to 1,000 pounds. It also easily folds into itself for convenient transport.

One person can assemble Elephant in a Box in less than five minutes and disassemble the sofa in less than two minutes. No tools are needed to set it up or tear it down, making this sofa’s installation hassle-free. Customers can customize their sofa by choosing from three colors: light grey, dark grey or dark blue.

Photo credit: Furniture Tech Lab