Private space: Mills privacy partitions from Bradley Corporation

Bradley Corporation launched the Mills privacy partitions for restrooms. These partitions add extra height, width and "No-Site" options to create the feeling of a private individual room.

The partitions have 72” tall doors and panels mounted 6” above the finished floor for standard stalls, and 69” tall doors and panels mounted 9” above the finished floor for ADA-compliant stalls. To provide additional space, panels are available up to 84” deep, and feature a new aluminum H bracket that provides a cleaner design aesthetic and faster installation. Numerous No-Site options are also available to eliminate gaps between doors, pilasters and panels to deliver more privacy.

The partitions are available in stainless steel, powder coated, phenolic core and Bradmar solid plastic. Each material achieved GreenGuard Gold Certification, and can be easily cleaned and repaired should graffiti, scratches or impact make their mark. All four material options are available in floor mounted overhead braced and floor-to-ceiling mounting styles, and come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement the aesthetic of different restrooms.

Photo credit: Bradley Corporation