Reflective design: New mirrors from Duravit

Duravit’s Light + Mirror collection provides indirect light from all four sides. Photo credit: Duravit (Light + Mirror )

Duravit USA recently added several new mirrors to its portfolio.

Happy D.2 Plus Mirrors

Designed by sieger design, the Happy D.2 Plus mirrors incorporate the classic design idiom of the iconic Happy D series, the archetypal oval. Available in two sizes, these circular mirrors are available with all-round lighting strips in two finishes: Radial and Organic. The lighting strips that border the mirror designs incorporate a luminosity of more than 300 lux, with light adjustment capabilities from 2,700 (warm light) to 6,500 (cold light) kelvin. When purchased in a set, the Happy D.2 Plus mirrors pair via wireless technology, which works to synchronize the two mirrors to act as one. 

XSquare Mirrors

Designed by Kurt Merki Jr., Duravit’s XSquare Mirrors carry the signature chrome profile of the collection. XSquare mirrors stand out thanks to their chrome sides and integrated touchless control panel, which allows users to alter illumination levels between main light, ambient light and to defog the mirror. The mirrors have a luminosity of more than 300 lux and gradual adjustments of light color ranging from warm candle light to cool light (2,700 - 6,500 kelvin light color). Additionally, the technology incorporated into the XSquare mirrors allow lighting options to be programmed via a memory function. The XSquare rectangular mirrors are available in seven sizes.

Luv Mirrors

The design of the Luv series, designed by Cecilie Manz, emphasizes Nordic minimalism  The Luv mirrors have soft, refined forms that echo the style of ceramic pieces throughout the collection. Additionally, the mirrors come equipped with an integrated touchless control panel, LED dimming functionality, defogging capabilities and an auto-off function. The units also have LED lights that have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours.

L-Cube Mirrors

Designer Christian Werner designed the L-Cube mirrors with technology in mind, incorporating movement-activated lights. Featuring 480-lux LEDs, the L-Cube mirrors offer glare-free illumination and are further equipped with a dimmer to adjust light to desired brightness. 

Light + Mirror Universal Mirrors

Ambient lighted mirrors in this collection provide indirect light from all four sides and are available with an optional mirror heating function to avoid fogging. The top edge light field option of the mirror/mirror cabinet provides direct illumination and is advanced by an LED downlighting option. The two-light field option version incorporates light strips on both left and right mirror edges, offering ideal central illumination.