Sliding door system: Loki from Krownlab

Krownlab has launched the Loki sliding door system, designed with high-use projects in mind.

The system was designed with a simplified trolley and wheel, along with a new finishing process that works with the company’s unique two-part track. All the fasteners are concealed and the key features providing quick and precise installation are all there. There are two new finishes available: satin silver and black satin. Krownlab used an architectural-grade anodizing process that will not chip, flake or fade over time. The bead-blasted surface texture of the material gives the finishes a subtle sheen.

Loki is also compatible with ADA pull force requirements on door panels of almost any size and material.

All of Krownlab’s hardware systems, Loki included, will work with a range of door materials. Wood, glass, metal, plastics such as 3Form, and a combination of materials are all compatible with these systems.

Photo credit: Krownlab

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