Sliding doors: Pocket door hardware from Kova

Kova, the official building products brand of Katerra, has launched a re-engineered hardware option for pocket doors that retrofits on a traditional pocket door handle cutout. 

Available as part of the Kova Select line, the lock is one element of a completely optimized pocket door hardware assembly system that includes a more robust frame kit and a soft-close track. 

“We found that most pocket doors and the available hardware were either very expensive and custom-built or haven’t been redesigned in decades and are low-quality, so architects are specifying them less and less often,” said Trevor Schick, head of the Kova materials business. “Pocket doors have so many benefits beyond offering space-saving solutions, so we created a solution that provides an affordable option in the middle–a product that is elegantly designed, built to last and easy to install.”  

The Kova Select pocket door hardware is available as a non-locking passage handle or as a privacy handle for integration into spaces requiring a locking option. A key feature of the hardware is its patent-pending linear-actuated latch that slides vertically so locking the system requires no tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. The latch also is Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant.

The hardware’s large edge pull is easy to access and grip for pulling the door out of the pocket to slide open or closed. The hardware also incorporates concealed screws inside and behind the exterior handle for a fastener-free appearance. The exterior side of the handle has an emergency release.

Kova’s pocket door hardware is manufactured from 304 stainless steel with a reversible design for left or right-handed installations. In addition to the exclusive matte black finish, the lock also is available in brushed nickel and polished chrome finishes.