Stylish Sinks: Poli series from Hastings Bath Collection

Bath furniture and fittings company Hastings Bath Collection has launched the Poli console series in two models, Poli 58 and Poli 30. 

Poli 58 is a sleek cylindrical pedestal sink with a striking stainless steel metal frame and modular accessories. The basin is available in 13 colors, including neutrals, pastels, bold hues and a marble-look. The frame is available in five metallic finishes. 

Carrying similar lines, Poli 30 showcases a truncated pillar-shaped design. Offering extra storage, this console has an integrated tone-on-tone matching lower shelf built into the stainless steel frame. The console is available in the same color palette as Poli 58. 

Both Poli 58 and Poli 38 are made up of luxurious ceramic material that is antibacterial and resistant to both stains and surface damage. Optional accessories include a swiveling towel rail, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and adjustable magnifying mirror.