Stylishly sustainable: Recycling bins from Scandinavian Spaces

Scandinavian Spaces has launched three new recycling stations to make sustainability an attractive element of design. 

Ridge, Kite and Cloud, developed with partner brand TreCe, each have unique characteristics to accommodate a wide range of environments.
More than a recycling station, Ridge provides a stylish interior detail. Designed by Studio Doms, the series is reminiscent of a city skyline with beveled edges and sloped upper frames. Available in 11 trendy hues and sophisticated neutrals, Ridge also provides eight different recycling symbols to accommodate all waste purposes.  Constructed in two versions–one for waste bins and another for hanging bags–both are easily emptied with 180-degree door hinges. User-friendly, each unit offers a ramp, rubber mat and adjustable feet.
Kite was designed by Annica Doms with geometric angles, straight lines and hip colors to provide a fresh face to waste management. Constructed with shock-resistant sheet steel and made from 20 percent recycled material, the unique frame shape allows for multiple bins to be nested together. Kite also has an environmentally friendly, vacuum-foiled MDF lid available in seven varying cut-outs with multiple screen-printed symbols for easy sorting. Kite is available in the standard size or Kite Mini to accommodate all types of waste.
Cloud is a mobile recycling unit designed for flexibility. Designed by Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström, Cloud’s classic form was created with rounded corners and bold wheels to invite easy mobility. With inlets on both sides, the unit can be placed against the wall or in the middle of the room. Equipped with doors that allow for easy waste removal, Cloud is designed with a lip on the inside of each door that guides waste into the bag. Cloud is available in 11 hues with multiple symbols to choose from.

Image credit: Scandinavian Spaces