Sustainable style: Pro-Tech Plus from Fil Doux Textiles

Otratex with Pro-Tech Plus. Photo credit: Fil Doux Textiles (Otratex with Pro-Tech Plus)

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Fil Doux Textiles—a textile company producing mill-direct upholstery and Otratex, a degradable vinyl alternative—has launched Pro-Tech Plus, a bleach-cleanable, water-based protectant that is now available for all Otratex collections. 

Designed for the hospitality, cruise and contract industries, Otratex is made with natural enzymes embedded in the material that enhance degradability. Within 30 years, the material fully decomposes when placed in an anaerobic environment such as a landfill, returning to the natural elements that comprise it. The collection, which comes in more than 270 natural and textured leather interpretations and is completely customizable, is now being treated with Fil Doux Textiles’ proprietary protectant—Pro-Tech Plus, which accommodates the intense cleaning demands and rigorous sanitizing requirements of hospitals, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

Otratex with Pro-Tech Plus is a bleach-cleanable, water-based defender designed specifically to provide the market with a vinyl alternative that can stand up to industrial-grade cleaners. The eco-friendly textile series will not erode when using bleach, which is critical for not only the performance but also for meeting the rigid standards across the industries.

Highlighting a progressive approach to textile design, Otratex is manufactured in the company’s tariff-free mills located in Chile and Brazil. The collection is produced using sustainable practices on an industrial scale. For example, dye waters for fabrics are reused, production power is generated by wind and solar panels and leftover fabrics are repurposed for packaging. In the spirit of environmental sustainability, Fil Doux Textiles has partnered with 501(c) One Tree Planted with a pledge to donate 1,000 trees to Brazilian rainforests for every 1,000 yards of Otratex purchased.