7 marketing tips for hotels as they enter the next phase

Hotel messaging should provide convincing reasons why the reader should respond, and ideally overcome any reasonable objection they might have. Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus / Prostock-Studio

As more states reopen or start to reopen, now is the time for hoteliers to prepare your marketing messaging, which may matter more than ever.

Very soon there will be an onslaught of marketers vying for the attention of potential customers, and the noise may become deafening. Sadly, many advertisers will see their message get lost in the crowd.

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While messaging in different industries will require varied approaches, here are some key steps hoteliers should consider as you begin communicating with consumers again, as we enter this next phase:

Be Quick and Concise in your Marketing Messaging

Communicate your key point as soon as possible so that it is impossible to miss. A strong headline and intro in your copy will compel people to read your entire message, and to hopefully act. With the anticipated barrage of marketing messages, prospects will not have the time to wade through subtle approaches, so let the readers immediately know “what’s in it for them.” Also, note that benefits and incentives—if they are appealing and relevant—always increase sales.

Choose and Place your Words and Images Carefully

Whether you are utilizing a traditional or nontraditional form of advertising, readers’ eyes tend to scan for key words and/or images they are either searching for or that are relevant to them. As you likely anticipate, photos, headings, videos and captions attract the most attention. So, make sure your images and headline are compelling, and your key message, benefits and incentives are prominently featured wherever the reader's eye might land.

Provide Reasons to Book 

Your messaging should provide convincing reasons why the reader should respond, and ideally overcome any reasonable objection they might have. Then, ask for the business.

Third-Party Endorsements

If space allows, consider including testimonials and/or award recognitions of your hotel or resort in your messaging. As we all know with TripAdvisor and other review sites, there can be a significant impact from peer feedback.

Feature Photos with People

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve perused ads and wondered, “Why aren’t there any pictures of people?” Since people look at people—and pets—try to include photos with people. Make it easy for your prospect to relate to, and to see themselves at, your resort or hotel.

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Every word and image must contribute to the message you are communicating. If it does not enhance the message, take it out. You are wasting your readers’ time. 

Close on a Strong Note

While all elements in your ad, e-mail, landing page, video, post, etc. are important, the most crucial are the opening (which I covered earlier) and the close. The latter should be powerful and persuasive to compel the person to act. You also must make it easy for your prospects to respond, to make sure you get the business.

As we enter this next phase, it is important to recognize the significance and potential impact of your messaging. As the world starts traveling again, it is vitally important to make your message stand out—and be seen.

Joe Bouch is president and CEO of 78Madison.