Knowland releases certification program to increase ROI

Knowland releases the Knowland Certification Program, which includes three certification credentials to help hotel sales professionals level improve their skill sets, elevate their professional profile and demonstrate proficiency with management. Knowland users can enroll in the certification course at

Software certification has been a standard in the technology space for years. The proliferation of data-driven solutions in the hospitality industry requires management at both the enterprise and property levels to seek out professionals who can demonstrate their understanding of applying data to their workflows. 

As hoteliers turn to software solutions to increase efficiency, certification courses are necessary and critical to ensuring employees are comfortable and capable of fully leveraging the investment. Sales professionals who come to the table with verifiable experience can advance their careers by documenting their skills and efficiently communicating that value to current or potential employers. 

Knowland partnered with an operator of hotels and resorts with over 120 properties in the United States and Canada that operates upper-upscale and luxury hotels under the Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt flags. As part of its commercial strategy and to ensure its sales staff took full advantage of the Knowland platform, it partnered with Knowland to pilot and implement the certification process. 

Certification levels were designed to help sales professionals demonstrate their knowledge and deliver even better results. The program offers three levels of credentials, including Certified Knowland Sales Leader Professional, Certified Knowland Power User Professional and Certified Knowland Revenue Leader Professional (coming in 2024). 

“Today’s data-driven solutions require hoteliers and software companies to work together to ensure software investments are being used to their fullest potential," Jessica Carey, VP customer operations, said in a statement. "Knowland is a vital sales skill and a must-have expertise for today’s sales teams; therefore, having a certification program advances our efforts to demonstrate that sales teams are comfortable and knowledgeable in all aspects of the platform and can prove that knowledge.”